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Through  more than 10 years of development, EKAR Furniture has a s strong production capacity and professional research and designer team , EKAR furniture has won more and more customers’ favor in recent years. 

​​​​​​​At present, EKAR furniture has mainly covered home furniture area. Mordern style furniture is our specilaization. When designing the living room, we all want to achieve this effect: reflecting the owner’s taste and showing the owner’s social status. And these are not luxurious decorations to achieve this effect. The concise design gives different visual effects and gives you a perfect feeling. The overall style and layout can highlight fashion and atmosphere.

It is a space where I am with myself, my family, my friends, a place with unique attributes. However, the home can have more ideas. It has both structural function and the imagination of life. When one by one living room furniture is moved in, when one by one new ideas are realized. At first, the empty buildings became fluid, endowed with special stories, and turned into your own home.